14 July 2009

20090714 : Update?

It's been ages. Things have changed and things have stayed the same. With the summer things have gotten RL busy. Work, especially, has been a bit more focused than it has been in the past as I really (really) don't want to have to look for other work, if you catch my drift.

On an in-game front, the corp was in 0.0. We also were in an alliance. Both of those went rather pear-shaped in a short period of time. Now free of the alliance (and its seemingly endless mass of fresh war decs) we've relocated about half way around the universal platter and are re-grouping. Of course I'm not privy to the particulars, but will move accordingly when the call comes. Hopefully as the summer winds down I'll have more time in-game. I know I haven't been the most useful of corpmates of late.

On the money side of things I've had some luck with invention lately -- about a 60% hit rate lately on some LSEIIs -- which is nice. The datacores for the attempts ran me 14.47M, so if I cook them all up now I would stand to clear approximately 57.53M prior to purchasing the other required ingredients. Now if I could just stomach dealing with research agents I'd be saving myself some cabbage.

My industrial alt has been cornering the market on Probes, Core Launchers, and crappy EMP S out in his region which is generating a steady (albeit small) revenue stream.

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