12 July 2008

20080712.01 :: Supplemental

Today marks (I guess) the first time I mention my actual in-game persona.

Yeah. I'm Wygg.

I'm also Badlanders. And Tinkur.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

20080712 :: Four Months On

I'll take a bit to scribble on this piece of paper, only to throw it into the endless ocean. I'll expect no response. No readers. I'm at peace.

Current status report:

I left MIRE in Tinkur's capable hands for a bit. After a lot of internal deliberations I was thinking of joining a corp again. I corp of substance. I decided to link up with STRIFE Mercenaries. At the time STRIFE seemed pretty stable, but due to a number of issues (seasonal timing not discounted) the corp was short-lived.

Currently I'm tripping about the 'verse in a number of ships (Drake being the top one) trying to up my standings.

To any who haven't bothered, the COSMOS agents are well worth the visit.

I was admittedly tempted to try Factional Warfare, but with my main being so short on cash it didn't make sense.

What with the exploration skills trained up I'm almost tempted to go back on the road and do a pictorial collection of what I see. Sure it's been done, but there's a lot of sites to be seen out there in the verse. If I can avoid those who would do me harm it might be worth the trip.