20 October 2007

20071020 : Supplemental

Hands up, who reads this?

20071020 : Still Breaking

The exploration has been slow. I've dawdled a bit in it, to be honest, but also come up incredibly dry the last several systems I've scanned.

To break the monotony I've trained up Mimnatar and Caldari battleships and the necessary skills to make them viable. Currently I'm tooling around mid-sec trying out an Arbitrator loaded with medium drones and a pair of small lasers. The Arbitrator's a sexy cruiser, to be honest. I'm getting quite the kick out of its effectiveness. I haven't tried it on a mission yet, but could be tempted.

I think what I like the best about it is the voluminous drone bay. Against PCs drones aren't always the most effective, but facing NPCs they do an extremely effective job.

I've also skilled up to cruisers in the remainder of the races in the down time. RL be damned; I'm going to get this game sorted.