24 May 2007

20070524 - Quick Update

Still running missions. My status with my (formerly crap) agent are climbing steadily.

I gave in and formed a corp. The main reason behind this hinges on having heard that mass player corp characters caught ripping about in cov-ops ships are often painted as spies and that's the last thing I either would be doing nor need.

Bank Account Update
+32.65% since start.

Still dreading buying that Cov-Op Cloak II.

23 May 2007


Been reading Aeon's Eve lately and I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it so far. There's a lot of information in it, but so far it's mostly ground I've covered before.


Still working on Cloaking IV. I should have completely absorbed all the information in another six days or so. Once complete I'm facing having to spend c.24M on the Covert Ops Cloaking Device II.

Anyways, I thought to post my status to date:
Total Skill Points
7,862,222 points
Skills Trained 74 (21.57%) of a total 343 available skills, 365 including skills not released.
Skills Cost 32,266,350 ISK
Skills Count
Corporation Management 1 skills
Drones 2 skills
Electronics 12 skills
Engineering 7 skills
Gunnery 12 skills
Industry 3 skills
Learning 9 skills
Mechanic 4 skills
Missile Launcher Operation 5 skills
Navigation 5 skills
Science 5 skills
Social 1 skills
Spaceship Command 7 skills
Trade 1 skills
Levels Trained
Level 0 : 0 (0.00%)
Level 1 : 5 (6.76%)
Level 2 : 11 (14.86%)
Level 3 : 15 (20.27%)
Level 4 : 30 (40.54%)
Level 5 : 13 (17.57%)
Skillpoints Ratio 106,246 skillpoints average per skill.
Piloted Ships 20 (10.36%) of a total 193 available ships.
Not terribly impressive for a fella who's been in-game for so long. Then again he was inactive for quite a while when training/running my pirate Other.

21 May 2007


Finally got Min Frig V done. Now I'm realizing the penalties of not being able to use the Type II cloak.

Training the remaining Astrometrics levels now.