21 September 2008

20080921 : The Black Hole That Is Jita on a Sunday

Why? Why do I even bother?

To tell the truth a bit of desperation has brought me to Jita on a Sunday. I'm in need of copies of my Shield Power Relay print, but with every station within four regions of me running wait times of over a week I resorted to the contracts.

A nice guy in Jita is selling five BPCs of the SPR, along with about a dozen other BPCs for a nice reasonable price so I thought, why not? It's just a short jaunt to Jita, after all?

On a Sunday.

The ticker on the log-in page says there's 32K+ people on right now. Minus the 258 in the system I just jumped out of, that should make somewhere in the neighborhood of 31,742 people in Jita.

Sounds about right.

[UPDATE] A friendly GM moved me back to Perimeter and added, " I suggest you stay away from Jita for the time being." The up-side is I'm not stuck. I'm also not able to get at the stuff I bought.

I guess I'll just go to the mall here in Perimeter.