07 December 2007

20071207 :: More Shots

I thought I'd take some screen caps of everything in the hangar. A few I took out for a spin.

I've got to admit that turning the bloom effects on make things look much prettier and don't put much more additional strain on the system. Granted who knows what it would be like in blob combat, but then performance always goes out the window during that.

Here's the snaps. Click for larger views:

The Arbiter








06 December 2007

20071206 - Trinity

I read all official and non-official warnings about the graphics update. After verifying a few things I went ahead and patched up.

Running XP I dug through the root directory of my machine (yeah, Eve is installed there, too) and couldn't find my boot.ini file. I know there is one as I've modified it before using MSConfig, so I simply hit Start->Run and typed "boot.ini" in the command line. Up popped the file.

I saved a duplicate to my desktop and proceeded with the install.

After all was said and done I repeated the above process (Start->Run...) and low and behold the file was still present. No problems.

Does it look good? I'm thinking so.

The previously unattractive Thorax has a glossy new look: