05 August 2008

20080805 : Update

What have I been up to? Not much, frankly.

I'm getting around to consolidating assets at the moment. I've been bad of late in allowing things to get scattered around a small-ish group of relatively close stations. Currently I'm shuttling off only about seven jumps to grab Halve Maen 3A, my Amarran Cov-Op class Anathema. I want her a bit closer to home. I've still got Halve Maen IIG out in Stac (a Helios), but at 17 jumps through not-so-nice locales that one will stay put for a bit.

I'm tossing around the idea of joining up with the local militia (Minmatar) to give my best to the Factional War. I'm also tempted to spend some ISK and buy a battleship to give the L4s a try in my neighborhood.

Just last night I realized that I had a bit of cash piled up and far too many points with the local corporations so I invested in Political and Military connections. The skills are handy to have when negotiating rates on missions. Hence the interest in the well-fitted Battleship. Probably a Typhoon.

That's the toss-up, really. Abandon the money from missions (and the BS) and join the Militia, or turn my back on the war and concentrate on more money via the connections, the BS, and the L4 agents's offerings.

Decisions, decisions.

On the training front I'm a scant 31.8 days from Minmatar Battleship V, which is a gateway drug to Marauders. I've got to admit, though, I'm almost fonder for the Caldari version of the ship. Oh, well. I'm only about 35 days off Caldari BS V, so if I get that far it's not that much more of a journey (relatively).

I've also got to get around to Metallurgy V at some point. I think there's 18 days left on it as I bagged it partially trained. The only thing that makes me think of it was that I found the Scrapmetal Processing book in a dusty corner of a hanger out in Lustrevik.

One of these days. Maybe.

That's all for now. Nothing exciting I'm afraid.