07 September 2008

20080917 : Skills Update

Just finished Caldari Battleship V, though I'm a bit uncertain what to do with it at the moment. I embarked on it with the idea of piloting a Golem, but after reading of some of the disadvantages I'm entirely unwilling (not to mention unable) to pay the price for the ship.

Now it's on to Shield Upgrades V in 11D 7H 37M.

The next thing to train? Perhaps Heavy Interdictors which is just Propulsion Jamming V and the base ship skill (~26D 21M) to effectively pilot the ship and the Warp Disruption Field Generator. To fully jam out this plan from BattleClinic will take 28D 8H 42M or so.


I'm hovering around 25.53M skill points and looking for somewhere to go.

Fly safe.