27 May 2007

20070527 Industrial Intentions

Still training towards Cloaking IV with a target end date of some time around Tuesday morning. I still haven't buckled and bought the actual cloaking device yet, but I've found other ways to spend my money.

I knew I was going to want the Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rig for the Cheetah and there had been a number available in the region but as fate would have it they all disappeared over the past few days. I dug around through the markets and found blueprints for the rigs not only in my home system, but also ~8 jumps out through low-sec space. With the price differential being what it was (~a tenth of the price), I opted for the far-out bp and jumped in my shuttle for the (occasionally) hair-raising trip out west. While on the way I hit the market and started buying as many of the components I could find.

The gravity rig (-10% scan time bonus) calls for Charred Microcircuit Interfaces, Damanged Artificial Neural Networks, and Fried Interface Circuits. With my current skills and the way the market is swinging right now I estimated that I should be able to produce one rig for ~10.6M.

After fetching the blueprint and grabby Freddy Sanford I headed out to collect my new purchases. Eighteen jumps later I was back at my manufacturing hub plugging in the print and burning my new (albeit damaged) purchases into a wonderfully small component. After all is said and done the one rig (plus the cost of the blueprint) cost 10.05M ISK; far below the 17M ISK average price. After the brief time in the cooker it slid right into place.

I have since gone and placed buys in the market hoping to lure more salvaged goods. I figure after I gather the pieces for the second needed for the Cheetah, if I can make three more I will be ahead in the game, netting ~8.1M profit per unit.

With all this monkeying around my bank account has tanked, and is currently only 3/4 of what it was when I started this little venture, having burned through almost 60% of my savings in one day. I guess it takes money to (hopefully) make money.