27 May 2009

Eve Meme! The Places I've Been...

I'm a willing participant in play along with Kirith's game. From Ninveah:
I'm starting an Eve meme and if you are an Eve player reading this you are compelled, COMPELLED I SAY, to make a post to propagate the meme.


Ok, so here it is. Take a screenshot of your in game map showing the systems you have visited and post it on your blog. There, done. That's it. Real simple. You can talk about it if you want but its not necessary.
Admittedly mine's not as impressive as his, though we've got some similarities.

The brief swath down through the southwest was during my Cov-Ops/Exploration phase with MIRE. I didn't spend a whole lot of time in any one place, but covered some territory.

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