24 September 2009

20090924 : Skillz

Hey! Check it out! If you came her to find some information about a character from Eve Online, skip ahead to the bit after the "---".  If you an Asian spambot, or some poor gradeschool sap paid a bowl of rice a day to spam sites, by all means, read on.

I don't k now why, but this post more than any other on this site (and I mean *any*, as in *no other*) gets spammed by Asian porn and pill freaks.  Seriously, it's astounding. They try repeatedly to comment on this *one post* and I *never approve the comments*. One would think they would give up after a fashion, but I guess they're abysmally stupid, or something.

C'mon guys. Seriously. You're supposed to lead the world in mathly smarts, yet you can't figure out after the, what? 50th time? I'm NOT EVER GOING TO APPROVE YOUR FOOLISH FOREIGN LANGUAGE LINK-TO-MY-PORN-OR-PILL-SITE CRAP.


Go somewhere else.


 I'm a scant 138K SP from having to upgrade my clone. Here's hoping I don't forget to do it.

Just an update. I'm bouncing between training Logistics, Commands, and Gallente battleship up to level 3. I thought I would distribute these as there's a far greater sense of gain at getting three l-1 skills than getting one to 3. By this time tomorrow they should all be to level 3.